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  2006.11.26  10.16
GeekWeekend ALMOST LiVE on Live365

http://www.ambientpingradio.com is pleased to announce the latest installment in the ALMOST LiVE MUSiC SERiES on Monday November 27th at 9pm EST with a presentation from GeekWeekend!

"GeekWeekend? - Two musicians, two computers, and virtually no restraint! GeekWeekend (Rob Hoare and Steven Sauve) return for another Ping webcast of slighty ludicrous but wholly entertaining noises. This past summer Steven Sauve and Rob Hoare decided to undertake a series of time synchronized recordings, which were then to be individually processed, edited and finally put together on both sides of the Atlantic ocean. This collection of pieces was created over the course of the last few months with a good deal of internet file swapping, e-mails and telephone calls. Along with some residue from the Toronto/Berlin ambient recordings, there's material we've been collecting for the last 2 years, including excerpts from 40'30'' 100 Anecdotes (Phonector Records). The result is an adventurous mix of Toronto/Berlin ambience, music and anecdotes."

Don't forget to tune in to future ALMOST LiVE performances in the weeks to come!

December 11th Sensitive Chaos
December 18th Michael Sandler
January 8th TouchXtone
January 15th Anomalous Disturbances
January 22nd Remora

All shows run on Mondays at 9PM EST and will be rebroadcast Thursdays at 12midnight EST and Saturdays at 3:30 EST.

The ALMOST LiVE MUSiC SERiES: Another way that
http://www.ambientpingradio.com is bringing great new music to you!


  2006.08.07  09.27
A crazy huge sale at ping things...

Maybe it's the heat or maybe I've just gone crazy. Whatever the reason, http://www.pingthings.com is having a HUUUUUUUUGE sale on over 50 discs in our catalogue! Prices have been reduced on a number of ambient, electronic and darkwave discs, music like

Darshan Ambient http://www.pingthings.com/DArekarma.htm

Edward Kaspel http://www.pingthings.com/EDWARDKASPEL.htm

Lycia http://www.pingthings.com/LYCIAburning.htm

Robert Rich http://www.pingthings.com/RRelectric.htm

and many more!

Some quantities are limited so be sure to act soon to ensure that you get the discs you want at an even lower price than you expected!

Check out the ping things catalogue at http://www.pingthings.com/PTcatalogueNF.htm to see all of the discs on sale.

And while you're there you might also be interested in new titles in stock like

Aidan Baker "The Sea Swells a Bit" http://www.pingthings.com/ABtheseaswells.htm

David Keyes "I Do So Worry For Those Lost at Sea" http://www.pingthings.com/DAVIDKEYES.htm

Lammergeyer "Beneath the Sky" http://www.pingthings.com/LAMMERGEYERbeneath.htm

Portal "Gone but not Forgiven" http://www.pingthings.com/PORTALgone.htm

Sylken "Sampler" http://www.pingthings.com/SYLKENsampler.htm

So check out ping things at http://www.pingthings.com and see what we have to offer, I'm pretty sure you'll find something you're interested in...


ping things

Now you can listen to artists from the ping things catalogue 24/7 on Live365.com! Visit http://www.ambientpingradio.com to hear ambient, chill out, space music, dreampop and more!


  2006.07.18  08.25
"Momentium" by Jeffrey Koepper

A wonderful new release from the very talented Jeffrey Koepper blending analog synthwork with contemporary electronic ideas.

Buy "Momentium" by Jeffrey Koepper, onsale now at ping things!

Listen to tracks from "Momentium" on AMBiENT PiNG RADiO on Live365.com

With the release of "Momentium", Jeffrey Koepper has done a wonderful job of blending analog synth stylings with contemporary ambient sensibilities. While many analog productions veer towards a more sequenced, vaguely inhuman sound, Koepper has been able to infuse his recordings with a more human feel, something a little more natural. The eight tracks on the disc show an excellent understanding of the use of sound to create environment and atmosphere, resulting in a very engaging and entertaining listening experience.

"Byzantine Machine" opens the disc, a majestic opener where thick analog pads play underneath crisp synth phrases and sequenced melodies. It's a very rich sound, very full with just the right hint of drama and strength. An excellent track to start the disc.

Track two, "Outside", starts with a more subtle beginning, a much more relaxed chill environment where slight melodies play over abstract tones and a series of sweeping pads. A wonderfully relaxed piece that makes me want to lie back in a chill out room and watch the world go by... Beautiful.

"Godspeed 2" picks up the pace with a nicely sequenced melody that dances around the soundfield while sounds drift throughout the track's space. Slight variations and volume changes build on ideas and draw the listener deeper into a web of tones and sounds. It's a wonderful piece that I've truly enjoyed exploring.

"Sense of Time" follows, a longer track than previous songs on the disc. It starts with a deep drone out of which a melodic synth phrase grows and develops, pulsing and moving like a living thing. Analog sweeps pass through the background and new melodies rise and fall to be replaced by new sounds. Certain sounds act as an anchor for the listener, sounds that remain constant throughout the piece, while changes in melody and time result in a constantly shifting soundscape. A lovely track that inspires further discovery.

"Eternal Sea" is another long form track, pairing steady synth pulses with wavelike drones. Change is more gradual in this track, more fluid and slow, with changes happening on a much more minimal level. I can't help but be drawn into this one, enveloped in its charms by the subtle ways that sound flows throughout the track.

"2600 A.D." is a very nice example of dark ambience with the suggestion of a post-apocalyptic wasteland created through a steady drone paired with repeated glitch-y sounds as if to imply a dark futurism. The darkness of this track leads directly into "Sequential Meditation" a much "brighter" track that by contrast suggests hope and possibility. Tones and phrases are more clearly defined and established in the soundfield and the listener is more able to connect with the piece as a result. The pair of tracks act as nice complements to each other, a nice study in differing but related sound environments.

"Awakening" closes the disc, a track that brings to mind an acceptance and awareness of one's surroundings, a feeling of becoming one with the environment in which we live. Pulse driven and sweep filled, it's a nice way to close the disc, a nice summation of the tracks that have come before it.

As stated earlier, on "Momentium" Jeffrey Koepper has done an excellent job of breathing life into his analog sounds resulting in a very organic and fluid disc that masterfully blends the organic and the synthetic. Without doubt "Momentium" is a fine disc well worth further investigation by both fans of analog keyboard work and mood based ambience. Highly recommended!

rik - ping things

Buy "Momentium" by Jeffrey Koepper, onsale now at ping things!


  2006.07.18  08.17
updates to the ping things site

Now in stock

Aidan Baker "Oneiromancer"

Aidan Baker "The Sea Swells a Bit"

Knurl "Scyamine"

Back in stock

Aidan Baker "Figures"

Aidan Baker "Still My Beating Heart Beats"


  2006.06.25  10.32
"Beneath the Sky" by Lammergeyer

APK of Lammergeyer releases another brilliant disc!

listen to

All This Time

Black River

I have always been impressed with the work of Anthony Paul Kirby. As both The Circular Ruins and Lammergeyer he has made a habit of regularly creating beautiful and inspired ambience that stands among the best of the genre being created today. Further, with every release his work is getting better and better, to the point where I am running out of adjectives to describe his work. Sincerely. It's that good. And with the release of his new disc as Lammergeyer, "Beneath the Sky", I am unsure if I can find anything else to say once I've used the word "breathtaking". Which makes reviewing this very wonderful disc quite a challenge for me...

The disc begins with a wave, a sound that builds up from all sides of the
soundfield and fills the track "Breathless". From deep within the sound finer
details begin to emerge, taking shape and form, growing clarity in a way that suggests birth and a new beginning. A lovely way to begin our journey.

"All This Time" features shimmering chimes and log-like percussion. It's a haunting piece, a seemless blend of magic and ritual that flows smoothly around the listener and caresses the senses. A track that is simply sublime in it's beauty.

"Black River" suggests liquid and flow, coupled with isolation and reflection.
Drones and oblique motion are used to great effect here, capturing a moment in time that could last forever or only just a second. This track blends in nicely with track four, "Maplin Sands", very much conveying a sense of conclusion to a journey, a decision made.

"The Cartographer's Dream" is a space-y drift of a song, resplendant in the sound of stars and snatches of dialogue. Unreality and the actual walk hand in hand during this piece, drones and phrases giving the song a dreamlike feeling suggesting the haze of memory where reality is created by a combination of experience and our imaginations.

"Abyss and Resolution" opens with a blend of drifting pads and analog phrases that soon gives way to a largely pad based form where melody and shape are hard to grasp. Sounds move about freely in the song, always something new to hear and feel.

Magic and wonder infuse "Silent Powers, Secret Paths". Echo-laden drones drift and flow, running their course and emptying before being replaced by sparse melodies floating through the track. It's all very elegant and fresh, something crisp and clean, pristine. Wondrous.

"Epitaph" is short and sweet, a brief taste of something that flashes by, a memory that's only fleeting. I'm sure there'd be more to say but I can't remember what it was.

"The Effect of Winter" captures a moment in time, something beautiful and fragile, but also something dark and enigmatic. Tones mingle with eachother in subtle alchemical ways throughout this piece. Beautiful.

Closing track "Beneath the Sky" is sweeping in grandeur and wonder, a long form piece that builds from a simple drone to become something magical. Slight melody plays on the edge of the track, a bubbling tone, the sounds of electricity and space. Lovely.

Without doubt this is a beautiful collection of music, a stunning and inspired group of songs that not only lives up to my expectations of Kirby's work, but surpasses them. There is no question in my mind that "Beneath the Sky" is a breathtaking disc, and I have reached a point where I'll have to create a new language to describe the beauty of future releases by Lammergeyer and The Circular Ruins. Simply breathtaking.

rik - ping things

Visit http://www.pingthings.com/LAMMERGEYERbeneath.htm to buy a copy of "Beneath the Sky" by Lammergeyer!


  2006.06.20  09.50
Announcing AMBiENT PiNG RADiO!

In partnership with our friends at THE AMBiENT PiNG ping things is thrilled to be able to share some of the music that we love via AMBiENT PiNG RADiO! It's an online radio station at Live365 that captures the essence of both ping things and THE AMBiENT PiNG by featuring a mix of ambient, soundscape, electronic, trip hop, dream pop, drone and chill artists from both our local and global communities. You'll hear artists that have performed at the PiNG as well as artists whose work has influenced and delighted us over the years. Artists like Robert Rich, dreamSTATE, mara's torment, Massive Attack, cheryl o, Underworld, Numina, URM, Aidan Baker, Steve Roach and much more, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Tune into AMBiENT PiNG RADiO now at

You'll be glad you did...


  2006.06.18  09.14
updates to the ping things site

now in stock

SADU "Live"


(surely this has to be the shortest update I've ever done...)


  2006.06.09  22.00
updates to the ping things site

Now in stock

Aidan Baker "Dog Fox Gone to Ground"

Building Castles out of Matchsticks "The Secret Doctrine"

Cheer "Three Parts"

Matt David "-243 degrees Celcius"

Morgan Doctor "Is This Home"

William Fields "Timbre"

David Keyes "I Do So Worry For Those Lost at Sea"

Jeffrey Koepper "Momentium"

Lammergeyer "Beneath the Sky"

mara's torment "The Calender Project"

Pholde "That Which Tends to Dissuade"

Portal "Gone But Not Forgiven"

Colin Rayment "Morula"

Schengen "The Beijing of Our Career"

Back in stock

Colin Rayment "Continental Divide"


  2006.05.27  08.29
"Titania" by Titania

Swirling atmospheric instrumentation coupled with sensual female vocals

Read more...Collapse )
Visit http://www.pingthings.com/TITANIA.htm to hear samples.


  2006.05.04  21.10
updates to the ping things site

Now in stock

William Fields "Branches"

Paradin "Coma Digenean"

Robert Rich "Bestiary"

Robert Rich "Calling Down the Sky"

Robert Rich "Echo of Small Things"

Robert Rich "Electric Ladder"

Robert Rich and Ian Boddy "Lithosphere"

Synthetic Block "Escape Velocity"

Back in stock

Edward KaSpel "Fragments of Illumina"

Nadja "Body Cage"

Sylken "Sculptor"

The following pages have had sample mp3s added to them

Arms Full of Sound "Air is the Means"

Arms Full of Sound "Pieces of a Larger Experiment"


  2006.05.04  09.22
"Passage" by dreamSTATE

The long awaited follow up to "Between Realities" from Toronto's improvisational ambient masters!

Download and listen to



Fans of Toronto electronic artists dreamSTATE will no doubt be thrilled by the release of "Passage", a series of soundscapes specially created for an installation held in Goderich, Ontario. Inspired by the poetry of Lynn Harigan from her collection Moon Sea Crossing, "Passage" tells the story of Aina, an Irish immigrant who settles in Huron District during the 1840s. Her life during this time is filled with hardship and turmoil, ultimately resulting in a mental breakdown which leads to her being confined in the Huron District Gaol where her mental state further declines. Through a masterful creation of sound and environment, dreamSTATE is able to draw the listener into Aina's plight and brings her story to life in a powerful and haunting manner.

Meant to capture Aina's journey across the sea from Ireland to Canada, "Crossing" begins the album with slowly evolving oblique movement, environments and atmospheres coming into shape as tones become more pronounced and defined. As the track progresses, movement becomes displacement as calm and tranquil passages give way to darker and more forboding tones. When listening to this track one can't help but feel a passing from the safety of the known into the darkness of unsurety as Aina faces a new land and a new life.

Track two, "Clearing", uses more easily defined melodies and structure to tell its tale. The feeling of industry and hard labor as Aina and her family work to create a home for themselves is captured in the repeated phrases of the track, played counter to field recordings taken from the site of Aina and Thomas' farm. A sense of form gives a feeling of safety here, a sense of connection to the earth and to the land, but an underlying dark drone suggests there are issues already at hand which will culminate in Aina's decline.

"Watershed" represents a turning point in the story, bringing to life a moment that ultimately leads to Aina's descent into darkness. Beginning with a calm and tranquil flow of pads and tones the track moves from a peaceful security into a darker and more ominous sound, leading into track four, "Fall", which continues the feeling of descent, sounds capturing the change of seasons, the slow loss of warmth and safety that leads into the winter months. Tones roil around eachother, spinning and coliding through the sound field, as if to suggest the confusion of thought and the battling emotions that have come with her breakdown. As the piece progresses deeper drones open up, at first only subtly but slowly gaining strength, suggesting the abyss into which Aina is staring.

"Captive" captures the cold and hopeless feeling of Aina's stay in gaol, where the demons that haunt her mind are made physical through the horrible conditions she is made to bear. Bleak and desperate drones pass throughout the track, metallic sounds rising and falling, ebbing and flowing, slowly circling to match her descent. "Captive" manages to convey the sense of desperation and hopelessness Aina feels at this point, giving frightful sound to her torment.

Track six, "Stone and Sky" brings some sense of hope and light to Aina's plight. Inspired by the courtyard of the gaol in which she finds herself, the track captures the freedom and light that Aina's heart aspires to. Unfortunately this hope is shortlived as it leads into "Gyre", a haunting piece where strangled tones and constrained notes struggle to be heard above a metallic drone slowly snaking from ear to ear of the listener. Bleak and without hope, this track captures the darkness that has washed over Aina's mind.

And then it is done. "Watershed Reprise" finds Aina's return to her home, utilizing a return to the same calm and tranquil pads that suggest a reunion with her family and the safety of clear thought. The clouds have lifted and she finds herself free once again in body and in spirit.

As brilliant as it is emotional, "Passage" is a beautiful work by one of Toronto's premier electronic acts. Many lesser talents would find themselves lost in such a dark subject matter, but dreamSTATE are able to convey the scene, the situation and the emotions felt in a succinct and powerful way. A testimony to their sophistication and artistry, "Passage" is sure to become a classic of the genre.

rik - ping things

Visit ping things at http://www.pingthings.com/DSpassage.htm to buy "Passage".


  2006.04.22  08.09
Updates to the ping things site

New in stock:

Lycia "The Burning Circle and then Dust"

Back in stock:

Lycia "Estrella"

Titania "Titania"

The following pages have had sample mp3s added to them:

Angelmark "Angelmark"

Angelmark "Uncertain Futures and Fading Pasts"

Blaubac "Windchill"

dreamSTATE "Between Realities"

Embracing the Glass "From Dust to Dusk"

Embracing the Glass "Mandala for Chaos"

Portal "Promise"

Portal "Remixes"

Portal "Waves and Echoes"

Portal/Yellow6 "Split"

Samsa "Mechanically Separated"

Samsa "Sounds Good on Paper"

Samsangelswing "Dream Splinters in the Doorway"

Spatial Correlation "Drifter"

Spatial Correlation "Outlier"

The Widening Gyre "Les Landes"

Yellow6 "Disappear Here"

Various Artists "Sheltered Shadows"


  2006.04.22  08.04
"Mandala for Chaos" by Embracing the Glass

Beautiful swirling ambience with vocal sweetening.

Shimmering. That's the first thing that comes to mind when I think of "Mandala for Chaos" by Embracing the Glass. Shimmering, floating, sweeping tones passing by the senses while subtle vocals glide through your perceptions. Rising, swelling, like the crest of a wave tugging you deeper into its grasp. Transcendent, inspired, a womb-like serenity.

Starting with slowly building pads paired with subtle vocals, opening track "Around" ebbs and flows like nighttime waves on a lonely beach. Growing in strength with each pass the waves grow more powerful, their pull becomes stronger and what was only a distant image a few moments ago now surrounds you.

Track two "Chasm of Faith" brings to mind a tranquil lake where drops of water make ever- expanding ripples throughout. Somber strings float past the senses while a vocal line made strong through it's restraint brings to mind the mournful call of sirens to unsuspecting sailors. One can't help but become mesmerized by their charms.

"Great Lakes Chain Gang" places the vocals more prominently in the mix, a layering of looped lines building on top of eachother to create a tapestry of voices. At times this track reminds me of Brendan Perry of Dead Can Dance, something about the voice, the intonation, the phrasing. Cool stuff.

Closing track "Mandala for Chaos" uses harmonic pads as a backdrop for further vocal stylings, a beautiful blend of sounds that flow and melt into eachother creating a beautiful spiral of sound. Simply breathtaking.

Shimmering. That's the first thing that comes to mind when I think of "Mandela for Chaos" by Embracing the Glass. Something liquid, shining in the light, shifting and flowing, almost alive. Shimmering. Lovely. Yes.

rik - ping things

"Mandala for Chaos" is available now at ping things! Visit http://www.pingthings.com/EMBRACINGchaos.htm to hear some mp3s!

Tune in to ping things radio this Sunday and Wednesday from 9PM to 12AM EST at http://www.live365.com/stations/marastorment to hear tracks from "Mandala for Chaos" along with a ton of other tracks taken from the ping things catalogue!


  2006.04.06  20.14
updates to mp3s on the ping things site

The following pages on the ping things site have had mp3s added to them:

ARC "The Circle is not Round"

Nik Beeson "Howlings"

dreamSTATE "Passage"

Hypnotech 3 "Prescription Electronics"

Hypnotech 3 "In Tune with the True Distortion"

Knurl "Thymostat"

Knurl "Triapse"

Knurl "Vorticose"

Lammergeyer "Birds of Prey"

Lammergeyer "Blue Oasis"

Lammergeyer "Borders and Barrens"

Lammergeyer "Borrowed Time"

Mnemosyne "The Air Grows Small Fingers"

Nadja "Truth Becomes Lies"

Sylken "Dreamlife"

Sylken "Illusions of Light"

Sylken "PiNG"

Sylken "Terraforms"

Sylken/Pholde "Sculptor"

Various Artists "Waveforms"


  2006.04.06  19.57
Degrees of Separation by The Circular Ruins

Inspired and beautiful new music from The Circular Ruins!

Download 96kbps mp3 samples from Degrees of Separation

Degrees of Separation


Anthony Paul Kirby has proven time and time again that he is an impressive musical talent with a firm understanding of ambient/electronic ideals. Over the years his work as both The Circular Ruins and Lammergeyer has delighted and inspired me, leaving both a strong impression and a tremendous appreciation for his work. And so it should come as no surprise that I'm quite taken with his latest release as The Circular Ruins "Degrees of Separation". It's a stunning collection that stands up with the best of Kirby's catalogue, continuing and developing on the work that he's done in the past.

The long form piece "Epiphenomena" opens the disc, a masterful blend of drone and melody interspersed with infrequent samples. It's a fascinating work that unfolds over the course of it's sixteen plus minutes, where a bed of dark ambience anchors the track while lighter tones rise up to break the surface. Melodic phrases and occasional notes run throughout the track providing touchstones and reference points for the work as a whole, giving suggestions of theme and ideal, but never giving the plot away so much that you can't imbue it with your own meaning, your own understanding.

The title track "Degrees of Separation" follows, a study in connectivity where form and pattern is created by association. It's a very dense piece with many levels all blending together in a loosely woven mix, masterfully assembled in such a way as to form bonds between it's elements while still allowing for those same elements to retain a certain distinction between them.

Track three, "Doon Hill", is a fine example of locational ambience, a piece meant to evoke the memory of a particular magical spot in Scotland where the barriers between our world and Faerie are thinner than the norm. While I've never visited Doon Hill myself, Kirby has done an excellent job in recreating it's charms enough so that I feel I've been there in some way. Maybe seeing such a magical environment in my mind's eye makes it even more real to me than an actual physical visit? Either way it's a testimony to Kirby's talent that I can feel so connected to this space.

"Empty Hands" uses oblique motion as a backdrop for a series of subtle arpeggios and almost jazzy riffs. Beautiful and bright in it's presentation, "Empty Hands" brings to mind future possibilities and hope, the chance to go beyond our limitations to create something new and better.

The fifth track "Departure" moves away from the drone textures used in earlier tracks, opting instead to use a burbling synth that plays underneath a series of beautifully sweeping pads. Sublime and lovely, this one is surely my favourite track on the disc.

"Darkness Between Them" follows in a similar pattern, employing sweeps and sustained notes to maximum effect. The track seems to exist as a companion piece to the earlier "Degrees of Separation", but where that track suggested connectivity this one gives the impression of isolation between it's elements, a strong feeling of separate existence. Still beautiful, still inspiring, but perhaps with a touch more regret in it's charms.

"Subspace-Overdrive" closes the disc, a flight into space and all of the mystery that entails. Twinkling stars, meteor dust, nebulae and more, it's the sound of the heavens, the sound of beyond. A charming excursion outside of our selves and a wonderful way to close the disc.

Without doubt, "Degrees of Separation" is a stunning collection that re-enforces my belief that Kirby is one of the most significant ambient/electronic artists working today. All of the tracks on this disc give pause for thought, reflection, and contemplation, all of them send the mind reeling with possibility and opportunity. An essential work by an essential talent.

rik - ping things

"Degrees of Separation" is onsale now at ping things! Visit
http://www.pingthings.com/CIRCULARdegrees.htm to hear mp3 samples

"Degrees of Separation" is one of many discs you'll hear featured on ping things radio every Sunday and Wednesday nights from 9pm to 12am EST on Live365! Tune in to
http://www.live365.com/stations/marastorment to hear some great music from artists in the ping things catalogue. Don't miss it!


  2006.04.01  18.54
Updates to mp3s on the ping things site

The following pages on the ping things site have had mp3s added to them:

Aidan Baker "Periodic"

Blaubac "The Surprisingly Pleasant EP"

The Circular Ruins "Conjunction"

The Circular Ruins "Degrees of Separation"

The Circular Ruins "Empathy Test"

The Circular Ruins "Land of the Blind"

The Circular Ruins "Realm of Possibility"

Andrew Duke "Take Nothing for Granted"

James Johnson "Surrender"

James Johnson "Unity"

James Johnson and Ma Ja Le "Seed"

James Johnson and Robert Scott Thompson "Forgotten Places"

James Johnson and Vir Unis "Perimeter"

Numina "The Haunting Silence"

Nunc Stans "The Cerulean Suite"

Geoff Wakefield "Sonic Dreamtime"

Various Artists "PiNG AMBiENCE"

Various Artists "PiNG AMBiENCE II"

Various Artists "PiNG AMBiENCE III"


  2006.03.30  12.31
almost live online performance...

This Sunday I'll be doing a special almost live online performance as part of the ping things radio show. Check it out if you get the chance.


  2006.03.28  20.09
New Stock at ping things!

I've added the following titles to the ping things catalog;

Methadrone "Retrogression"
A deep and dark wall of sound. stunningly crafted sonic chaos.

NOT_Digital "In Dreams of Something New I Have Not Been Well"
The debut release from NOT_Digital! Dazzling, cerebral, eclectic darkwave.

Both pages feature sample mp3s for your listening enjoyment!


  2006.03.26  12.54
"Eye of the Nautilus" by Numina

Another collection of stunning and beautiful works by the very talented Jesse Sola.

It's subtle and magical, playing right on the periphery of the senses. I sit very still while I'm listening to it, afraid that any movement or noise might mean that I miss some of it, something crucial. Something important.

It requires focus.

"Eye of the Nautilus" is the second release on the Hypnos label by Jesse Sola of Numina. My appreciation for Jesse's work, my adoration for his music, is pretty well documented by this point. But even given my feelings I was totally unprepared for the beauty of "Eye of the Nautilus".

There's a womblike serenity to this music, something so natural, so warm, so inviting. Tracks drift and flow throughout the disc, slight melodies and distant sounds rising and falling on the edge of your hearing. Time seems to slow down while it plays, as if minutes and seconds have less meaning and are instead measured by the passing of notes and waves. It all comes together so fluidly, so naturally, so perfectly that it seems like this music has always existed, that this is the sound of the oceans, and the earth, and the moon, and the stars, and everything else. Primal, connected, organic.

It's subtle and magical, playing right on the periphery of the senses. I sit very still while I'm listening to it, afraid that any movement or noise might mean that I miss some of it, something crucial. Something important.

Something divine.

Something wonderful.



rik - ping things

"Eye of the Nautilus" by Numina is available now at ping things!
Visit http://www.pingthings.com/NUMINAnautilus.htm to find out more and to hear mp3s from the disc.

Read an exclusive interview with Jesse Sola of Numina at http://www.pingthings.com/NUMINAfeatureNF.htm

Interested in hearing some tracks from "Eye of the Nautilus"? Tune into ping things radio every Sunday and Wednesday evening from 9pm to midnight EST at http://www.live365.com/stations/marastorment to hear music from Numina and other artists in the ping things catalogue!


  2006.03.21  08.55
New stock available at ping things!

I've added the following titles to the ping things catalog;

Ben Fleury-Steiner "Drifts"

Michael Keith "The Story of Karl"

Mikronesia "Tissue Paper Ghosts"

Nunc Stans "The Cerulean Suite"


  2006.03.21  08.44
Sylken "Terraforms"

Eric Hopper's collaborative project returns with "Terraforms", a beautiful musical tribute to Mother Earth.

Eric Hopper's project Sylken returns with "Terraforms", a beautiful example of the ambient ideal. Working with some of the brightest talents in the AMBiENT PiNG community including frequent collaborator Steven Sauve, along with Wally Jericho, Jamie Todd of dreamSTATE, Terry O'Brien of Anomolous Disturbances and Gregory Kyryluk of Alpha Wave Movement, Hopper has collected a series of melodic ambient tracks of great beauty and wonder.

From the throbbing pulse of opening track "Terra Rising", where graceful arpeggios and deep pads blend together with each other to form a delicate web of sound, the listener is caught up in the beauty inherent in all of Sylken's work. A lovely way to start the disc.

"Landfalls" follows, a track that suggests a rainforest, an environment rich with vivid colour and beauty, lush keyboard washes bringing to mind thick forests of greenery. A wonderful example of environmental ambience.

Track three "Breath of Life" slows down the tempo slightly, a fragile and beautiful piece where occasional piano dances around sweeping soundscapes that pass through the soundfield like a slow wind. Fragile and lovely.

"Enfoldment" brings about a womb-like listening experience where the senses become focused entirely on the music, Wally Jericho's sax bringing an otherworldly beauty to the piece.

"The Shores of Space" is a fine example of space music, a track that evokes the sensation of slow orbits around alien planets. Oblique movement and gently building waves of sound are underscored by soft melodies suggestive of stars. Beautiful.

Title track "Terraforms" is a lovely percolating soundscape that brings to mind the birth of planets, continents slowly taking shape over the course of millions of years. Wally Jericho appears again, lovely trumpet work giving the track an organic feeling, the spark of a soul that reminds us that the earth is just as much of a living thing as you or I.

"World of One" blends pads and drones, echoing tones and keening notes to suggest a pulse, a heartbeat, the beginnings of life. Subtly shifting tones and the tinkling of glass play throughout, a stunning work of minimalist wonder.

Track eight, "Gaia's lament" is a poignant piece, a slowly drifting series of pads that float around the senses, playing on the edge of our awareness. Nuance and infrequent shifts give shape to the track, a million instants of change so subtle that they're lost in the blink of an eye if you aren't already in tune with them.

"The Drift of Time" follows, a delicate melodic ambient track where pads rise and fall in strength overtop a mesmerizing tonal pattern. Stunning.

"Zen Sky", featuring a guest appearance by Gregory Kyryluk of Alpha Wave Movement, closes the disc. A shimmering otherworldly piece filled with glittering notes and musical phrases, "Zen Sky" encapsulates the whole disc experience for the listener. A wonderful piece, and a lovely way to close the disc.

Listening to "Terraforms" I can't help but be put under the spell of Sylken's charms. All of the tracks bring to mind a variety of different emotions and feelings throughout the course of the disc's length, a testimony to the talent and artistry inherent in the music that it can be so evocative. Once again Sylken has succeeded in creating music that brilliantly captures a mood, a feeling, a time and a space. Stunning work that comes highly recommended, as does the rest of the Sylken catalogue.

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"Terraforms" by Sylken is available now at ping things


  2006.03.21  08.43
Updates to mp3s on the ping things site

The following pages on the ping things site have had mp3s added to them:

ARC "Repercussion"

ARC vs Unravelled Brown Cassette Tape Lying on a Freeway "Live at The Ambient Ping"

Blaubac "Perdurance"

Andrew Duke "Just Because You Can Doesn't Mean You Should"

Pholde "In Favour of More Permanent Pleasures"


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Announcing ping things radio!

Tune in to mt radio on live365 every Sunday night at 9pm EST to hear ping things radio, a brand new weekly show featuring music from artists associated with the ping things CD boutique!

This weeks edition features music by Sylken, Darshan Ambient, mara's torment, Advance 44 and more.

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updates to mp3s on the ping things site

The following pages on the ping things site have had mp3s added to them:

Automatic Fats "Molasses Springs"

James Bailey "Dimensions"

James Bailey "Little Bag o' Loops"

Aidan Baker "Candescence"

Aidan Baker "Field of Drones"

Aidan Baker "Pendulum"

The Devil in the Design "Cloudface"

Andrew Duke "More Destructive than Organized"

Hypnotech 3 "Infinite Glider Hotel EP"

Wally Jericho "Deep Blue"

James Johnson "Echoes"

Knurl "Magnetomotive"

Mnemosyne "Spiritsized"

Pholde "... and With it We Shall Divide"

Salvagesound "12 Reductions (2005)"


  2006.03.15  08.23
Darshan Ambient "Re:Karma"

A new collection of material from Darshan Ambient featuring favorites from earlier releases and previously unheard tracks!

Having had a career that has spanned over ten years, Michael Allison of Darshan Ambient has now released a compilation of work from earlier discs and unreleased tracks. "Re:Karma" is a fine collection of songs that show the breadth of his talent as well as introducing a side of his work that some fans might not be aware of.

Fans of Darshan Ambient's ambient work will no doubt be impressed by tracks such as "The Ocean Whispers", "A Walk Along the Ganges" and "Slow Drift", beautiful pieces that are very much in keeping with the lush ambience of "Providence" and "The Zen Master's Diary". Of particular note is the previously unreleased track "The Cool River" which opens the disc, a track taken from 1994 where a slight melody plays overtop a sustained background of pads. Serene, dreamlike, and beautiful in it's flow, "The Cool River" is a beautiful piece that stands with the best of his more ambient moments.

Tracks like "Boundless" and "Tiger in the Grass" are slightly more indicative of the overall sound of the disc, percussion driven pieces where piano and synth lines float along the soundstream in chilled laid-back grooves. Of these more groove-based tracks, "Soul Chameleon" stands out as a complex percussive piece where shimmering tones and pads mingle and dance around eachother. Very inspired.

Without doubt, "Re:Karma" is an excellent collection, fully displaying the talents of a very accomplished and talented electronic artist. Both an excellent place for new fans to be introduced to the music of Darshan Ambient, and a place for older fans to become reacquainted. Highly recommended.

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"Re:Karma" by Darshan Ambient is available now at ping things!


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